Happy Socks Collaborate With Artist Amber Vittoria To Promote Body Positivity In A Unique Way

Since we can’t march, congregate, gather or networking with large groups during the COVID-19 #stayhome orders, we’re turning to creative and unique ways to share feminist messages of empowerment and positivity. Turns out we’re not the only ones!

Happy Socks, the playful pioneers behind the colorful sock revolution, released a limited-edition collaboration with New York-based illustrator and artist, Amber Vittoria, on April 2. The designs combine a unique selection of styles titled “Each One Of A Kind,” a body-positive celebration of women that feature six original designs by Vittoria.

By depicting non-traditional and non-idealized representations of the female form, Vittoria challenges stereotypes through her artwork. Her inclusive portrayal of women creates a stage for modern femininity and shifts the perception of the female body. The Happy Socks x Amber Vittoria collaboration now takes this message of body positivity to a different canvas.

“To collaborate with Happy Socks on an illustrated sock set about women bringing their unique perspectives together has been incredible,” said Vittoria in a press release. “My hope is that those who wear these sets feel empowered to share their stories.”

Featuring six individual socks, the collection is designed to be worn as a set or mismatched. The socks are a bright colorful depiction of the female form, leveraging physical traits such as overtly extended limbs in elaborate poses and rounded features with jiggly limbs.

Amber’s campaign concept brings an original approach to sock fashion and speaks to how women are beautiful in every shape and color spreading body positivity and happiness to every corner of the world. We asked the artist why this collaboration was important to her and what she hopes people will know when they buy and wear the socks.

How did the collaboration with Happy Socks come about?
Happy Socks partners with amazing artists on capsule collections, and I was so excited to learn I was one of those artists for 2020. To be able to tell such an important narrative with this collaboration means the world to me. 

Why is the message of body positivity important to you personally?
I’ve struggled with accepting the body I am in, but I feel that the more we share and celebrate how diverse our bodies are, the more we will be able to accept ourselves for who we are.

With mainstream fashion and advertising still very slow to adapt to change, how do you hope this collaboration will be part of the ongoing conversation?
My hope is that people who wear these socks will feel a bit more confident in themselves and in their bodies and that they will continue to be more vocal towards brands about making clothing and advertising that is more inclusive.

Why do you think society is still so reluctant to accept different types of women’s bodies as “beautiful” or “acceptable”?
Deeply rooted in misogyny and racism, this reluctance is systemic and inherited with each generation. I hope, (and see!) that this reluctance is slowly starting to fade with each new generation growing older and coming into their own.

Where can readers see more of your work?  
You can find me on Instagram, at @amber_vittoria.

Get your own pair of Amber Vittoria-designed Happy Socks, priced at $48 for the 3-pack and $16 for an individual pair. Sold on happysocks.com and amazon.com.


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