Embracing Yourself: Staying Body Positive In A Media-Saturated World

By Stephanie Toland

With so many unrealistic messages about beauty in the media, maintaining a positive body image can be a challenge. It’s all too easy to internalize the harsh, condemning voice and feel bad about yourself. Are you spending too much time fixated on your perceived faults? If so, it’s time to take action. Learning to embrace yourself is a journey worth taking, for both your health and your happiness. Here are some practical steps you can take to develop a more positive opinion of your body and inspire others to do the same:

Name a Feature You Like

Silence the self-talk about all the ways you wish you were different and instead identify a feature that you can affirm. Maybe it’s your long, shiny hair or straight smile. Perhaps you’ve always liked your graceful hands or the color of your eyes. Whatever it is, name it and remind yourself of it. It’s amazing how focusing on a positive feature can influence your attitude toward your body.

Skip the Scale

If the numbers on the scale tend to be a source of stress for you, ignore them! Weight fluctuates anyway, and hitting a magic number is never going to be the key to happiness.

Talk to Yourself Like You Would a Friend

Before you berate yourself for some imperfection, stop and think. How would you talk to someone you love in the same situation? Wouldn’t you respond with kindness? Choose to treat yourself with the same regard, and you may be surprised at the tolerance or even affection you can develop for your body.

For more ideas of how to stay positive about your body, take a look at the resource below:

Embracing Yourself: How To Stay Body-Positive from Stephanie Toland Photography


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