How A Leading Hair Removal Brand Is Empowering Women With PCOS

Written by the Ulike team

Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) affects 116 million women worldwide, causing an array of physical and emotional challenges; one of the most distressing being excessive hair growth on varying parts of the body. After observing PCOS Awareness Month during September, Ulike, a leading at-home IPL hair removal brand, is offering support and advocacy for the PCOS community through meaningful initiatives tied to their We See You campaign to empower empowerment to PCOS warriors worldwide.

PCOS Warrior Veronica Ramirez shared that the unwanted hair was “a source of embarrassment, a topic rarely discussed openly, yet something I grappled with on a daily basis.” In collaboration with Ulike, Ramirez and others living with PCOS vulnerably share their journeys with excessive hair growth and how confident they felt after using Ulike’s advanced technology to manage these side effects. The documentary presented by Ulike is aimed to celebrate the inspirational women affected by PCOS and normalize conversations around the condition and uplift those affected. 

Ulike has always prioritized the needs of beauty consumers, and hearing stories from PCOS Warriors like Veronica emphasizes the importance of consistent, painless, and financially conservative hair removal methods. Ulike’s commitment to offering sustained smoothness contributes to a sense of normalcy and control over one’s appearance, key factors in boosting self-confidence and feeling in control of your body, something PCOS takes away from its victims.

While working at Ulike, I’ve witnessed firsthand how the Air 3, our flagship product, has emerged as a game-changing solution for women struggling with the physical manifestation of PCOS with its patented Sapphire Ice-Cooling Technology. Utilizing this technology in our products ensures PCOS Warriors a gentle and comfortable hair removal process, making it the ideal choice for individuals with sensitive skin, a common concern for PCOS patients.

Dr. Rachel Nazarian, Board Certified Dermatologist states “I often recommend home laser treatments for these patients because it allows them to address these sensitive areas in the privacy of their home, without the constant and frequent commute to the medical office or laser clinic.” Dr. Nazarian continues, “the unwanted side effects of PCOS can decrease quality of life and self-esteem for many women and I’m grateful that a system like Ulike Air 3 can be used safely and easily to address the concerns of excess undesired hair.”

To go above and beyond this PCOS Awareness Month and support people like Veronica Ramirez, we’re launching a series of initiatives to provide holistic support to the PCOS community. Along with the aforementioned documentary, we’re offering exclusive discounts to PCOS patients, ensuring our products are accessible to those who need them most. Outside of our products and online support, we’re sponsoring various PCOS events, amplifying awareness, fostering community engagement, and providing valuable resources for PCOS Warriors.

At Ulike, we believe that every woman deserves to feel confident and empowered in their skin, regardless of the challenges faced on a daily basis. We invite you to join us in our mission to empower and support women dealing with PCOS all year round. Whether you’re a PCOS warrior seeking effective hair removal solutions or someone looking to help a loved one on their journey, together, we can make a meaningful impact.