How The Indie Chicks Platform Is Merging Female Empowerment With Online Media


One of the reasons we started GirlTalkHQ was to create a platform in the digital media space where women could come and find news stories but with an empowering angle. There is certainly no shortage of copy-cat media sites and platforms which focus on “click-bait’ tactics to draw readers in, meaning they use clever worded headlines to get people to click on what is most likely going to be a controversial or negative topic.

But one of the websites we really looked up to when we thought about how online media can make a positive difference for women, was The Indie Chicks. They launched in 2012 and have just undergone a huge revamp. They are not just a website, but are expanding in other areas such as radio and even offer a physical magazine version of the content seen online.

They cover topics such as relationships, sex, careers, and offer an opportunity for up-and-coming writers to share their life advice with a dedicated readership. In honor of a website that we look up to and is leading the way when it comes to creating an empowering space for women in the digital media world (who says feel-good articles can’t compete with hard news??) we chatted with the ladies behind the brand, Julie Zantopoulos, Vice President & Senior Editor, Chrystal Rose, COO and President, and Chiara Mazzucco, CEO and editor-in-chief, on why every woman needs to get familiar with The Indie Chicks, and how they are different to other media platforms.


Chrystal Rose


Tell us about the Indie Chicks revamp?

Our quarterly publication, Indie Chick Magazine, began as an idea that flourished into a print edition and quickly became nationally distributed nationwide. Everything happened so fast and we dove in wanting women to find value in the content and a piece of themselves inside the pages. We shied away from too many advertisers or ridiculous, shallow content because there’s plenty of that out there.

When we decided on the revamp, it was to really home in on who our Indie Chick is, translate her better within the issue and expand our reach in the digital arena. Every issue has been an upgrade from the last design-wise, but this creates more accessibility as well as an interactive experience for our readers.

What is the focus on Indie Chicks and what do you want readers to know about the site?

We answer the millennial woman’s unapologetic need to live life her way. Our website hosts all the tools a woman needs to be a badass, to take charge of her life and create her dreams. Sometime we’re there to hug you and affirm what you already knew, other days we’re giving a dose of reality sans sugarcoating. And sometimes we’re just there to have fun with list posts and or stir the pot with hot topics. Women of all ages can find value in our content and it’s amazing to see how relatable they find us.

We have so many media sites for women on the web, how do you hope Indie Chicks will stand out from the rest?

Aside from our focus on high quality content, the fact that my partners and I are so accessible is something I don’t really see being done. How many of those sites for women can you name the writers? Or the owners? It is SO important for us to be accessible to our readers. We always reply on social media, answer comments and list our emails on the site so if someone reaches out, we can reach back.

What makes you a powerful woman?

The fact that I’m aware of how powerful I am, that I’m not afraid to embrace it and won’t apologize for it. I’m tireless when it comes to going after the things I want and not afraid of failure. Accepting myself and believing in myself, no doubt, makes me a force to reckon with.

Chiara Mazzucco


Tell us about some of the topics you ladies focus on?

Although we cover most topics that would interest the millennial woman, our main focus is really on the following: self-esteem, attitude and self-improvement, and dating and relationships. We feel these are the most universally relevant topics and are also the areas women need better life advice about.

In your opinion, why is it important to create a positive community of sisterhood online, rather than division and catty-ness?

People are influenced by the media, so our approach comes two-fold. We first change the media by becoming a source of strength, empowerment, and inspiration, and then we work to encourage our readers to do the same in their own lives. It’s important to create a positive community of sisterhood online because no one else is doing it, and without someone stepping up to the plate, we leave women nothing but the division and catty-ness that comes from other media.

Tell us about some of the other media platforms that are part of the Indie Chicks brand where people can find your great content?

You can get different content on every social media platform. We tweet empowering messages on Twitter, post inspirational work on Instagram, and share some of our best content on Facebook and Google+. In addition to our social media presence, we’re relaunching our once print publication, Indie Chick Magazine, revamped in digital form, available on Google Play and Apple Newsstand. We’re working to relaunch our podcast and video production branches of the brand next.

What makes you a powerful woman?

The relationship I have with myself makes me a powerful woman. I’m constantly charging ahead with drive, but am able to slow down and tap into where I’m at and what I need to do to move forward. Being honest, forgiving, and supportive of myself has given me all the power I need.

Julie Zantopoulos


If someone was to read an Indie Chicks article or visit the site for the first time, what kind of impact do you want to have on them?

I think about this with every article I edit, write and publish. The first time somebody visits our site I want them to think “Yes! Where has this been my whole life?” I want them to feel like they just got advice from a best friend. I want them to feel understood, represented and ready to kick some ass.

Generally in the digital and broadcast media world, women are outnumbered by men, but there is a generation of women creating their own platforms and opportunities. How exciting is this for you?

Incredibly exciting! Our company has always thrived on being a self-made team of women accessible to our readers and hell bent on success. But the most exciting part is working with every writer we publish and seeing how excited they are to be a part of our journey. The fact that together with my business partners we’ve created this platform to empower other women humbles me day in and day out. And I love that there are more and more women joining us.

Why is female empowerment so important right now?

I think we are on the brink of some really phenomenal social change for women. Women are finding their voices and that’s a powerful thing. When women come together for a common cause instead of fighting against each other the way some media outlets would like us to, we’re unstoppable. We’re seeing women embrace the title of feminist like they haven’t in a long time thanks to celebrities coming out as feminist role models and lessening the stigma attached to the title. As far as I’m concerned, the louder we get, the happier I am. I love being a part of that.

What makes you a powerful woman?

Pushing past fears has made me feel like a powerful woman. The Indie Chicks has done for me what I hope we do for the women who visit our site, it’s helped me embrace fear and use it as a catalyst for forward motion. I get excited now to push past fear, to take calculated risks and embrace change instead of staying in my comfort zone.



To find out more about the Indie Chicks, their content, how to become part of their female empowerment network and even write for them, go to We’re all about supporting our sisters in the media and couldn’t be happier to share about another platform that shares our vision and offers great content for all the badass women out there.

Check out the trio of women running the Indie Chicks talking about why this magazine is important to them in a video made for a kickstarter campaign they ran in 2014 to keep Indie Chick Magazine going:

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