Indigenous Singing Sensation Casey Donovan Fronts New Collection For Aussie Plus Size Label

Casey Donovan wearing Taking Shape’s Assymetric frill rib top, from The Edit collection

Casey Donovan, Aussie Indigenous singing sensation, a proud Gumbaynggirr / Dunghutti woman, and the nation’s youngest Australian Idol winner from 2004, has partnered with curve fashion brand Taking Shape to launch a new collection called The Edit. This new limited edition capsule collection is where street style meets glamour, for trend-conscious curvy women.

Casey believes it’s time for plus size women to be more than just an afterthought in curve fashion: “give us what everyone else is wearing” she says. This is exactly what Taking Shape intended with the launch of The Edit, making current styles accessible to all without compromising on comfort.

As a household name in Australia, Casey is a perfect choice for a curve brand that has made a name for itself featuring Indigenous women creatives in its campaigns and behind the scenes as designers, as well as prioritizing plus size fashion in a way that makes it the norm, rather than the exception in the industry. As a size-inclusive label, their collections range from sizes 12-30.

Emily Spicer-Stuart, Head of Brand & Marketing at Taking Shape explained that when it comes to celebrities that truly capture the Taking Shape spirit to launch The Edit, Casey was a clear choice, as they wanted to showcase curvy fashion in a way that celebrates all sizes.

“We want all women to walk into our stores and feel they belong, life is too short to wear boring clothes. The Edit is fashionable, edgy and fun. We hear from more and more curvy women that they are limited to shopping online only, many stores often don’t stock a size range that supports diversity. Casey echoed the same message to us; reminiscing about the days you could go In store and try on what you loved. We have 150 stores across Australia and New Zealand and love love love when our ladies come to shop with us in person,” said Emily in a press release.

The brand recently partnered with other fab influencers Curvy Cartel (Melinda Woods) and Fat Mum Slim (Chantelle Ellem). Taking Shape has also launched shipping to the US, which includes The Edit collection.

No stranger to soaking up the spotlight, Casey has performed on many stages from New Year’s Eve celebrations at the Sydney Opera House, performing as Judy Bernly in the hit musical “9 to 5” and has recently hosted the 2023 NAIDOC awards. Casey is currently performing in & Juliet in Melbourne, Australia before heading overseas to shows in Singapore.

We had the chance to speak with Casey amidst her busy schedule, as well as The Edit designer Suz Teixeira, to learn more about the collection, the importance of brands being size-inclusive, and what it means to highlight Indigenous women as the face of a fashion brand.

Casey Donovan

How did you first get involved with Taking Shape, and what was it about the brand that you liked? 

I had asked my manager if we could start reaching out to some brands and seeing if there was any interest in either joining a collaboration or becoming an ambassador, and Taking Shape got back to us with interest and we haven’t looked back since! It has been one of the most fun, exciting adventures I’ve been on. The whole team at Taking Shape are absolutely amazing and I love what they’re achieving in women’s fashion. I am extremely grateful to be teaming up with a brand like this.

What does it mean to you to be a brand ambassador for a brand that uplifts Indigenous designers and women? 

I was so excited to hear and see that Taking Shape are a massive advocate for Indigenous designers and giving mob the chance to get there art out there for the world to see! I think it is absolutely fabulous and I can’t wait to try some of the fits out.

How important is it to see more brands being inclusive about their sizing, and positioning plus size women as the norm, rather than the exception in society? 

The utmost of importance! We are people too and deserve to feel, look and be seen in stylish fashion forward goodness. One of the many things I love about Taking Shape is that it offers such a wide, inclusive range from size 12 – 30. Everyone is welcome and they stock all sizes in store, not just a few here and there. They offer a space for you to feel fabulous, safe and included in fashion, and I love that.

As someone who has been in the public eye since 2004, after winning Australian Idol, what kinds of issues are you passionate about advocating for? 

There are many things I advocate for and so many more things I would love to lend my time and name to, but I will always advocate for kindness, mental health, kids, my community in all of its beautiful forms and things that I can relate to.

What are your favorite pieces from this collection, and what you do hope Taking Shape devotees and customers will love?

Look, I might be biased, but I love everything! But if I had to choose, I would have to say the Black flare pants are one of my favorites and also the sequin pencil skirt.

Casey Donovan wearing the sequin pencil skirt from Taking Shape’s The Edit collection.

Suz Teixeira – Designer

Who is The Edit collection designed for, and where did you get inspiration from for these pieces? 

The Edit is a curated collection of modern styles designed to catch the eye and elevate your style. The Edit is meticulously designed with a well-defined focus on quality fabric and detail. It’s all about statement making, empowering women and celebrating individuality. It’s street style meets glam in swoon worthy styles. Choose from luxe looks with all the details including sequins, satin finishes and frills for added glam.

Fashion should be an adventure! I get my inspiration from Travel to amazing places all around the world. This collection was inspired by NYC. One of my favorite cities to travel to. The Chrysler building is my favorite building and this inspired me to include it on our print tee. I love sequins and sparkle and I wanted every woman to sparkle and exude confidence while wearing these pieces.

As a designer, what does it mean to you to be part of a brand that is uplifting and celebrating curvy women as the norm, rather than the exception in the fashion industry?

Taking Shape has always been a size-inclusive fashion brand that promotes body positivity and self-love. By creating clothing that fits all body types, it encourages people to embrace their bodies and feel confident in their own skin. It sets us apart from the rest as we are all about embracing and celebrating curves. We love to have fun and experiment, playing with different cuts, fabrics, and designs that cater to a broader range of sizes. By promoting plus size and size inclusive fashion as a norm, we are sending the message that everybody is beautiful and worthy of love and respect.

Why do you think there are so many brands and companies so slow to be more inclusive in their sizing, despite it being 2023? 

Diverse sizing shouldn’t be any different to what’s in fashion. Many fashion companies don’t have the knowledge to accommodate the natural features of a curvy woman. In addition to this, cost is a factor in why some brands won’t offer extended sizes. It is expensive to create patterns beyond the sample size or to adapt clothing features, such as sleeves or skirt length, to accommodate fuller figures. 

The item of clothing is made wider but not longer. They also want to do it fast and cheap! Extended sizes are almost an afterthought. And if they do it, they don’t stick long enough to see positive results.

Suz Teixeira, designer for Taking Shape’s The Edit capsule collection.

What were your fave pieces to design in the collection? 

The Sequin Pencil Skirt and the Asymmetric Frill Rib Top are showstoppers and two of my favorite pieces in this collection that are perfect for flattering curves. The sequin skirt features iridescent colored sequins on a super stretchy fabric featuring a split, this can be worn with sneakers for a laid back edgy look or ankle boots for an elevated dressed up look that can take you from day to Night.

Who are your design and fashion role models in your career? 

My two fashion icons and role models would have to be Chanel and Balmain. Coco Chanel was known for her elegant and timeless designs. Olivier Rousteing-Balmain is known for his bold and glamorous aesthetic, often incorporating embellishments, strong silhouettes and a mix of classic and contemporary elements. He has certainly attracted a younger audience while maintaining the brand’s signature style.

What do you hope women will feel when they wear one of your items from The Edit?  

My key motivator for the Edit is empowering women through fashion. I want all women to showcase their individuality and confidence through each piece that will allow them to step up and STAND OUT with style. I want all women to feel EXTRA every time they wear the Edit pieces.

Take a look at Suz’s designs for The Edit Taking Shape’s website. You can also learn more about Casey’s involvement with the brand by clicking HERE. For US buyers, get your fave The Edit collection pieces shipped to you by clicking HERE.

Casey Donovan wearing the embellished satin shirt from Taking Shape’s The Edit collection.