Singer & Psychic Medium Kelsi Davies Tells Us Her Secrets For Creating Captivating and HAUNTING Content!

Singer and Content Creator Kelsi Davies | Photographer: Lindsey Ruth @lindsphoto | Hair: Mika Fowler @mikahairstylist | Makeup: Anton Khachaturian @antonmakeup | Stylist: Alex Clough

What makes a Content Creator good at their job and stand out from others? Sharing the types of posts, videos, images and more that keep followers coming back for more, and where fans develop an obsession with what they are sharing. In the case of multi-hyphenate talent Kelsi Davies, it’s her music, travels, self-love and haunted content (yes, we said haunted!) that has millions of followers across Youtube, TikTok and Instagram glued to their screens (including us!).

After getting her start as a content creator on YouTube, Kelsi Davies was inspired by a friend to join TikTok. She has made a name for herself on the platform with her unique paranormal content, acting skits, and choreography. Some of her most popular videos feature a haunted doll named Lola…!

Outside of social media, she has made her mark on the world of music as a singer. To date, Kelsi has released three singles: ‘Heartbeats’, ‘Done’, and ‘Darker’ which you can listen to here. Her latest single ‘September 10th’ was released on July 25 and is inspired by an experience on her birthday that pushed her to the path of spiritual awakening. The deeply personal song focuses on mental health, finding the strength to escape negative cycles and taking one’s power back.

Kelsi is also a psychic medium who discovered her ability to connect with spirits on the other side at a young age! She has made it her mission to connect loved ones with their deceased relatives and show her followers that not all spirits are evil or scary. She co-created a mobile gamin app called Kelsi Davies: Haunt Escape, available on the Apple App Store. Kelsi created and hosts the podcast InTALKxicated where she and her guests talk about conspiracies, ghost experiences, mysteries, and more.

Her ability to share all facets of her life and talents has allowed her to build a loyal following across her numerous platforms. We wanted to get the lowdown on how she creates content, why being open about mental health and self love are important to her, and learn more about her fascinating paranormal videos!

You are a multi-hyphenate who is talented in a number of ways! How would you describe yourself to someone for the first time? 

I am an artist and creator…I just love doing so many things! If there is something I’m interested in, I really give it my all and just see where it takes me. I’m the type of person that always wants to improve and perfect things when it comes to creativity, so I always reach for the stars.

As a content creator and artist, where did your social media journey begin and what kind of content in particular was the most engaging to your followers?

I started on Instagram and would post videos of myself dancing as well as photos of my life. Then I moved over to YouTube where I would do vlogs, challenges, comedy, and then I started really getting into the paranormal. From a young age, I would have many other-worldly experiences. My favorite shows, movies, and books were about the paranormal because I wanted to understand it more and those things made me feel seen in a way.

I was honestly very scared of it because I knew that it was real and would try to block it out, but as I got older it was just something I learned to embrace. Upon embracing my gifts, I found out that my Native American ancestors had these gifts as well! My whole life started making sense and I just started really sharing my spiritual journey with everyone. 

How was COVID a catalyst in your music and content creation? What did the pandemic change in your focus?

During COVID, I started really posting on TikTok. I think this is when a lot of new creators got their start as well. It was during this time that my social media started getting traction, and then I bought a haunted doll, and everything kind of blew up from there. The pandemic gave me time to really start creating and understanding how the algorithm works on different platforms. 

Your latest track, September 10th, focuses on mental health and taking back your power. Can you share the story behind the lyrics and why writing music was your way of expressing what you experienced?

On the night of my birthday (September 10th), I had a really intense, traumatic experience with a childhood friend. They showed their true colors in front of my family and friends. It’s something I still have a hard time talking about because the whole situation is just sad to me. However, I truly believe things happen for a reason. This situation made me realize a lot of things about protecting my energy, setting boundaries, and that success really comes at a cost.

Finding success has shown me who really supports me and who just wanted something from me. That’s in all aspects of life though, not everyone will be rooting for you and that’s okay. Comanavago sent me the demo of a song and a lot of the lyrics resonated with how I felt that night. Jessie Paege and I re-wrote some of the lyrics in a tasteful way, and it all came together so beautifully. Then I showed my good friend Kyra Gardner the song. She knew the story of what happened and was very inspired to direct the music video! She did an incredible job of showing visually what I went through internally.

The panic, depression, anxiety, betrayal…all of it. Then finding the strength to push through it, to become my highest self, and embrace the love from my family and true friends. I express my emotions through art, and I’m so grateful that I had the opportunity to turn something so negative in my life into something positive. I hope viewers and listeners who resonate can do the same. 

How have you used your social media platform to talk about mental health and share more of your personal life?

I’m pretty open about my life on social media. I’ll do story times, talk about things in my vlogs, and share my progress. I like to share the ups and downs in life because a lot of the time, people only show the good things online, which is totally fine! But I just feel called to share my journey to help others in a positive way. 

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Switching gears a little, you are also a Psychic Medium and people are obsessed with your spiritual content! Can you share more about this, and what you are demystifying by talking to spirits?

I have always had an interesting connection to the spirit realm. I would see things from a young age in dreams, premonitions, or have experiences with shadows passing by or seeing people at the corner of my eye and then they would disappear. There is one man I would see constantly, he had these round glasses, a silver watch, and a brown suit. I felt like he was looking after me in some way, but he would catch me by surprise and I would get scared. I later found out that he is my great grandfather who died before my mom was born. His wife had medium gifts like me!

The funny thing is, I thought all of my experiences were normal! I never thought of myself as a psychic medium until I met other psychics and mediums who had similar experiences, then it all came together. I’ve learned a lot on this spiritual journey, and one thing is that death is nothing to be afraid of. We are all here for a reason so be kind to others, spread love, and live your best life. 

When did your connection to the spiritual realm begin, and what does it feel like to talk to a spirit? Was it scary for you at any point?

It began at a young age. In fact, one of my mom’s friends remembers seeing me talking to things that weren’t there when I was a baby. Society does this thing where it blocks you off or makes you afraid of it. Yes, I’ve had some scary encounters with entities, but I have also had some of the most profound, beautiful, and life-changing experiences speaking to spirit. Sometimes it’s confusing because I’ll have thoughts and images that aren’t mine. It’s like deciphering what they’re trying to tell me or show me because the way they communicate is almost telepathic.

Our human brains can only process so much, it’s like they have to dumb it down for us to understand. Our jobs as psychics and/or mediums is to learn to understand and help share the things they are communicating. Channeling can be a scary, but beautiful experience as well. I believe that Spirit is with us always, but there is so much more than the eye can see.  

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What is it about the paranormal that followers become so fascinated by? Why do you think people are so drawn to the spirit realm through mediums like yourself?

There is a mass awakening happening right now, people are starting to open their minds, and by doing that it brings in curiosity. I think people are just trying to understand and learn more about it because the veil is thinning. More and more people are having these unexplainable experiences, I’m grateful to be here to help people understand more.

What have been some of the craziest ghost stories, conspiracies, or paranormal events you have experienced?

I visited The Hill House in Mineral Wells, Texas with my friends “Barrier Beyond.” That house is probably the most haunted location I have ever been to. It’s honestly a lot to explain but basically, when you walk in, it’s like entering a lower vibrational dimension with entities, ghosts, portals, etc. After I left the house, I had multiple sleep paralysis episodes, panic attacks, paranoia, and flashbacks from the horrific things I saw there. The full video is on my YouTube channel if you dare to watch. 

For someone visiting your TikTok account or any of your socials for the first time, what do you hope they will stay for and love the most about you?

I hope they see my authenticity, the love and acceptance from the community that we have built, and how much I appreciate each and every one of my supporters. 

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Singer and Content Creator Kelsi Davies | Photographer: Lindsey Ruth @lindsphoto | Hair: Mika Fowler @mikahairstylist | Makeup: Anton Khachaturian @antonmakeup | Stylist: Alex Clough