Taking Control Of Your Career Path

If you are at the stage in life when you are pondering what’s possible in terms of career development, there are many options to consider which put you in the driver’s seat. With numerous opportunities you can pursue, there is no reason not to have a definite plan of action that would lead to a more fulfilling work life. Making the proactive decision to change your career path or take control of it’s direction can be empowering and motivational, rather than waiting for something to fall in your lap.

Evaluate your current position

It’s not uncommon to find yourself stuck in the same job year after year, disliking the position more and more as time goes on. Breaking out of the status quo to find career fulfillment can be difficult, especially when you have a steady pay check and job stability. But staying safe and comfortable at the expense of better opportunities is a fallacy that can lead to mediocrity and dissatisfaction. 

Instead, taking stock of your skills, and start researching the job market. You will quickly realize that perhaps you’ve been selling yourself short, and there is much more you can do with your life that doesn’t require you settling for less.

Think about your passions

Don’t be afraid to dream big and focus on what you are passionate about. Perhaps you had a vision for your future as your were growing up that you lost sight of in favor of societal expectations. Maybe you wanted to be an interior designer, but you ended up working in banking because that’s where the money was. 

Know that you can always change regardless of age or current situation. Online learning platforms and professional courses are all around you, and these platforms make it easy for you to take the leap.

Give it all you’ve got

If there’s anything we can learn from successful women in our lives and communities, it’s that they’re purpose-driven and passionate about what they do. Yes, perhaps it’s difficult to be overly excited about your current job. But once you start working on your career master plan, your life and your mindset will begin shifting in unexpected ways. You will start seeing opportunities everywhere, and you won’t mind working extra hours to complete your projects. Having role models and mentors can play a huge role in inspiring you to make that much-needed change.

You don’t have to work 80 hours a week to be successful

This is a common misconception among people who want to grow their careers. Of course, some jobs in medicine or law require a considerable time investment. But if you’re an entrepreneur or work in the corporate world, you don’t have to sell your soul and sacrifice everything to become successful. The saying “work harder” can often be replaced by the updated version “work smarter”, depending on your career path of choice.

Remember that you make the rules. All the financial success in the world means nothing if you’re burned out. Do your best to outsource what you can and focus only on the few essential tasks that will make the most difference. This is the key to taking your career to the next level.

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