7 Health And Beauty Reasons To Try Red Light Therapy

How do you choose a product that can have a direct and clinically proven impact on your health and beauty? 

Red light therapy is clinically proven not only to have extreme skin care benefits, but it can also boost your health and vitality in ways you never expected. 

This may seem like a new idea, but it  has been used by people in the know ever since its invention by laser scientists over 40 years ago. Red light was even used by astronauts in the 1990s to grow plants in space. 

But if this is your first time hearing about red light therapy, you may feel that more research is required before jumping right in.

That’s why we put together this guide of 7 key health and beauty reasons to try red light therapy. Armed with this, your health and beauty efforts are going to reach new heights. 

1. Skin Benefits

No matter what kind of skin care regime you may or may not have, neglecting the positive impact on stretch marks, anti aging, cellulite and psoriasis provided by red light therapy is never a good idea. 

That is to say, the benefits of increased self confidence while maintaining a refreshed and attractive appearance should always overlap with your specific skin care aims and objectives. 

Let’s say you use expensive creams and treatments to help fight aging, cellulite or psoriasis, this costs a lot of time and a lot of money. 

Red light therapy, on the other hand, is a one-time buy. Scientifically speaking, that means that, from the comfort of your own home, you can repair tissue that is injured or degenerated all while chilling out or watching TV. 

Beyond that, it’s important to recognize the scientific health and beauty reasons for this approach.

Anti-AgingCellulite ReductionPsoriasis Management
How does it work? Promotes collagen growthDrains fat and; Reduces swelling Speeds up skin healing time
What are the benefits? Refreshed and  attractive appearanceNaturally improves the appearance of celluliteReduces Itchiness and Inflammation

2. Pain and Inflammation

You may be thinking, how does red light fight pain and inflammation? Clinical studies have proven that the increased oxygen and blood flow to injured tissue created by red light actually speeds up healing time by as much as 70%.  

More and more respected professionals are advocating for red light therapy in the areas of arthritis, black pain and inflammation.

3. Hair Growth Benefits

Your hair is an important aspect of the confidence that looking after your health can bring. Unfortunately, for some people, hair loss does occur, and it can happen quickly or over a long period of time.

One of the main reasons men and women use red light therapy for hair loss is to encourage photons into scalp tissues. Photons are absorbed by weak cells to encourage exponential hair re-growth

What’s more, professionals advocate for safer, more tolerable and less invasive use of red light therapy over more traditional approaches such as surgery etc.  

4. Repairing Sun Damage

Make no mistake, sun damaged skin can not only be bad for beauty but can be catastrophic for health. There’s no need to invest in fancy ointments or creams, however. 

Red light therapy increases the body’s production of collagen and elastin and supercharges the body’s auto-immune response to clear away dead cells and revitalize those that have been damaged by the sun. This leaves you with a smoother, more even complexion! 

5. Fight Gum Disease

Gum disease is a silent pearly white killer. Unfortunately, some of us are more prone to gum disease than others and it’s a hugely common dental issue.

However, some studies suggest that red light therapy helps gums rejuvenate, thereby enhancing blood flow to affected areas and helping to fight off bacteria and infection. 

6. Better Sleep

A bad sleep is your worst nightmare when trying to maintain a health and beauty regimen. But using low color temperature red light gives your body the restful nights sleep it deserves. 

It also provides you with a great energy injection to ensure you wake up feeling renewed and refreshed. 

7. Improves Acne

On the surface it may just look like any old spot. But acne is normally the result of inflamed and irritated skin. Red light therapy can help soothe skin and repair tissue so no nasty scarring occurs. 

Red light therapy is safe, affordable, effective and convenient to use. No matter your issue or routine, red light therapy is a great way to keep looking young, beautiful and refreshed. 

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