Moving With Kids? Here Are Some Tips & Tricks

Moving with kids can be challenging for many parents. The moving experience alone is particularly draining, a reason most people will only move houses when it is absolutely necessary. The experience becomes even trickier when there are children involved, as you not only have to plan and organize the move but also ensure the kids are/will be comfortable all through. Moreover, the transition period can be hard on the kids, forcing you to create and spend more time with them during the period. 

On the flip side, moving can be an interesting and exciting experience and opportunity for some kids. The excitement of moving to another neighborhood and/or house often overwhelms these kids, a reason you want to plan well to ensure the moving process is as smooth as possible. Outlined below are a few simple tips on how to make moving with kids less stressful. 

1. Be Open with Them

One of the biggest mistakes you can ever make, as a parent, is not telling your kids you will be moving to another house before D-day. That said, look for a way to break the news and explain everything to them in detail, ensuring they understand why you have to move. Talking to them will help ease the tension (between you and them) and confusion they might have, and will also make packing much easier. 

2. Ensure All Moving Boxes Are Labelled

Proper planning and keeping everything organized is the key to a successful move.  Labelling isn’t only meant for companies and businesses, but when moving house as well. The first advantage of labelling everything is that it makes it easier to find everything during and after the move. This is especially crucial with children involved, as they might need an item (e.g., toys), as soon as you arrive or start unpacking. Labelling also makes it easier to know where each box goes when unloading, making unpacking much easier and faster. 

3. Let Them Help

After you sell house fast, packing and unpacking consume lots of time especially if you don’t have an extra pair of hands to help. Why not ask them to help? Depending on their age, most kids will be comfortable packing and unpacking their items including clothes, toys, etc.  Asking them to help also means they will feel part of the process and keeps them busy throughout. You however want to keep an eye on them to ensure they don’t create a mess. 

4. Pack And Unpack Their Belongings First

Kids can be a nuisance especially when you are busy packing or taking care of the moving process. The best way to ensure they don’t disturb you is to pack their belongings last and unpack them first thing after getting to the new house. This way, they will have their toys, bed, etc., ready whenever they want. Loading boxes with the kids’ items last on the truck will also make it easier at the end. The last thing you want is to have to dig through a mountain of brown boxes just to find the kid’s favorite toys or clothes upon arriving. 

5. Don’t Change Their Beddings Yet

Most parents will want to put new beddings on their children’s beds on the very first day of the move. As pure as your intentions may be, using fresh new beddings might not be a wise idea, especially if your child is less than 5 years old. The new beddings may seem strange to the kid, making in nervous and unsettled. It would thus be advisable to use the same beddings he/she had on his/her bed in the previous house, at least for a couple more nights. Using something he/she is accustomed to should make it easier for them to settle faster, and even sleep well at night. You don’t want your kid to be shouting your name in the middle of the night just because the new beddings scare them, do you? 

6. Expect Them to Get Emotional

Most kids will get emotional upon realizing they have to move to a new house and neighborhood. This mostly happens especially if the kids really liked the house, or were concerned about leaving/losing their friends.  Some will get emotional once you break the news, while others will start sulking a few days after.  That said, you want to be prepared of whichever way they respond to the news. Some kids will feel sad, get angry, or even go quiet as the news sink in. See how you can handle their emotions to help them overcome. 

7. Don’t Overburden Yourself

Almost every parent will instinctively put their children’s needs first before themselves. While understandable, you do not want to forget your needs especially when planning to move house. It is easy for one to be overwhelmed with chores and responsibilities, causing everything to grind to a halt. Learn to create time for yourself to take a warm undisrupted bath, unwind, or listen to relaxing music in the bedroom.  Start packing in sections systematically, preferably a few weeks before the moving date. 

8. Make The Most Out of The Opportunity

The process of moving a house can be time-consuming and stressful at times.  It also means you’ll have to cut off other engagements to focus on the move. This leaves you with plenty of time to focus on yourself and even develop new habits as well. You can also use this time to create an even firmer bond with your kids (especially if you are always busy with work).  This is also a chance to help the kids with their homework – make the most out of it. 

9. Have Some Fun

As stressful and tiring as the process may be, you still need to have light moments with your family as well. Do not let the planning and organizing rob you of spending quality time with your family; make time to have fun. This can be anything from making time for family movie night, a game night, or even better, preparing a meal together. Getting everyone involved will make the experience even more enjoyable. 

10. Be Consistent

Although you might be tied up for a time, you need not lose track or consistency of your kid’s routine. Their routine is vital for their growth and development, a reason you want to be consistent.  Ensure their routine isn’t interrupted in any way, nor should they miss school or other events during this time. 

11. Reminisce

Most children (including adults) will have grown fond of their current home, and not want to let go. Since the move is inevitable, it would be best to take some time to reminisce about the good times and moments you had here. Take some time to create more memories as a farewell to the same. This can be as simple as a last hearty meal there, and some follow-up photos.

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