Planning The Perfect Bridal Shower During The Pandemic

Many soon-to-be wedded couples were affected by sudden lockdown orders due to the rising cases of COVID-19. A good number of them postponed their weddings, while others proceeded to push through and chose to host a simple wedding. While the wedding industry may be significantly affected by the pandemic, it does not mean that you should postpone planning the bridal shower for your best gal. 

There are numerous ways to still celebrate the upcoming marriage of your best friend. Looking for inspiration to pull it off? Here are some tips on how you can plan a bridal shower amidst a pandemic: 

Know Your Options

Is your state still imposing lockdown orders that affect your bridal shower plans? If that’s the case, then you may be limited to hosting a virtual bridal shower. Some of the virtual conference apps you can use include Google Meet, Zoom, and Facebook Messenger. If you are going to use Zoom, you may need to buy a premium pack so you can use the channel for a maximum of 24 hours. You also get to record the event so you and your friends can have something to look back on when this is over. You can start by creating a social media page for this event and have all her close friends take part. 

Contact Local Suppliers

If you and your girls are allowed to gather in person, your next step will be to contact local suppliers serving your area. This helps limit the risk of exposure and can significantly reduce the costs of handling. As much as you can, get a wedding supplier that has a wide range of offerings for such occasions like Accel Rentals ( The advantage is that you only need to talk to a limited number of people to coordinate, effectively reducing your risk for infection. It pays to be cost-effective and safe at the same time. 

Plan an Intimate Bridal Shower

If there is one thing that the pandemic highlighted, it is to treasure relationships more than ever. Sometimes, it may mean only choosing close friends. Don’t feel forced to invite someone just because you don’t want to offend them. Keeping your bridal shower intimate is also an excellent way to keep you and your friends safe from coronavirus exposure. You don’t have to prepare a lavish party; Go for something simple yet meaningful, instead. 

Prepare Something Unique

To get married during this maddening time is a unique experience in itself. Your soon-to-be wedded friend may feel anxious and stressed out. Ease her mind by preparing something special for the bridal shower, whether you celebrate virtually or physically. You can prepare a slideshow of the fun times you’ve had together so she can reminisce and treasure your time as friends. This would make a fantastic wedding gift

Enlist the Groom’s Help

If your friend and her groom are quarantining together and you can’t be physically present with them, have the groom do his part by preparing the bridal shower in the comfort of their home. Make sure to instruct the groom well on how you want things to be done, especially with being discreet if you want to surprise your best friend with a bridal shower. 

When you have a well-planned bridal shower, even the pandemic can’t stop you from making it a reality. Start planning now, and get your gears ready.

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