Winter Is Coming – Be Prepared With These Fashion Must-Haves

As soon as the temperatures drop and the days get shorter, all we want to do is bundle up inside at our (real or imaginary) fireplace. But while Dean Martin used to sing about what might happen if we stepped into the “cold outside,” John Legend and Kelly Clarkson have just reminded us girls that it’s our choice to go anywhere we please – even if it snows and storms. As the saying goes: There’s no bad weather, only wrong clothes. In this spirit, we have compiled a list of the best fashion must-haves to stay warm and fashionable way past New Year’s Eve. 

Accessorize Wisely

Oftentimes, you just need the right accessory to upgrade your wardrobe or dress for a special occasion. During the winter, a colorful scarf or hairband can do wonders when your impeccable taste would otherwise remain hidden under a heavy coat. Those who still need to up their fashion game for the coming season can easily do so with the help of an online store that provides real women with high-quality clothes. Here, you will find all kinds of winter accessories including:

  • knit hats and headbands
  • gloves made from wool or faux leather
  • silk and cotton scarfs in various color and print combinations 

Yet you should keep in mind that less is almost always more. An accessory only serves its purpose if it can shine on its own without further distraction. Make sure to accentuate eye-catching details with a simple background and vice-versa. For example, a pair of leopard-print gloves works best with a plain black jacket. 

Keep Layering

Dressing for a specific weather can be a challenge in any season, but when it gets cold, wet, or icy, the challenge quickly turns into a struggle. Each morning, we have to rack our brains over choices such as: 

  • Shirt or sweater?
  • Silk or wool? 
  • Tights or jeans?
  • Jacket or coat?

When in doubt, the answer to these questions is: All of the above. While you might need to brace yourself for possible rain- or snowstorms, you will likely break a sweat once you step into the warmth inside. Hence, you should make your life easier by putting on several layers that you can peel off easily whenever necessary. An upper layering may look something like this: Undershirt first, then blouse, sweater, cardigan, water-resistant coat – and you’re ready to go (or stay)!

Invest in Staples

In the age of mass consumption and climate change, it has become more important than ever to consider sustainable alternatives in all areas of everyday life – even fashion. Before you indulge in the next shopping spree, you should ask yourself: What do I need this for, and how long is it going to last? The production of so-called “fast fashion” has an equally disastrous impact on our environment as the fast food industry does. If you want to take a stance against this trend, always choose quality over quantity. Instead of buying five cheap shirts that will go out of style after one season, opt for just one high-value piece that will serve its purpose for years to come. It also helps to pick items that go well with most of your wardrobe so that you can wear it in many different variations.

Be Bright & Bold

Let’s be honest: To make life beautiful, we can’t just rely on inner values. Choosing the right outfit not only helps us to look good, but most importantly does the trick when we want to feel great. Whether you manage to keep up your spirits throughout a long day oftentimes depends on whether you have made an effort to get yourself in the right mood. Especially during the dark and cold time of year, you should take care to boost your endorphin level with small tricks like:

  • lighting scented candles
  • cooking your favorite comfort food
  • putting on festive music

Likewise, you should pay attention to what you are wearing each single day – not because it matters what others think, but because you can use fashion as a means to brighten up your spirits. Hence our motto: the greyer the mood, the bolder the colors! Even if you feel like hiding beneath a blanket, just go for a shiny mustard yellow, a warm Bordeaux red or a friendly pastel tone such as light pink to help yourself to a good start. A colorful outfit will always make your day just a tiny bit more beautiful, both inside and out.

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