6 Ways To Help You Overcome “Gymtimidation” And Stay Confident Inside & Outside The Gym

Committing to an active lifestyle is something we all strive for in the new year, and with more in-person fitness facilities cautiously opening up amidst the pandemic, many people are considering getting back to their regular training schedules. Unfortunately for some, working out at a gym is one of the biggest challenges, and after extended periods of isolation, anxiety has definitely increased among many people. Gym anxiety, also known as gymtimidation, is the fear of judgment when working out in front of others. In fact, a study found that 50 perfect of Americans struggle with this and 48 percent say they feel intimidated by the number of fitness workouts and classes out there.  

So what exactly triggers gym anxiety? While it differs from person to person, most people are either beginners and don’t know where to start or they just don’t know how to utilize the gym equipment to fit their needs. Luckily, with a little bit of knowledge and confidence, you can go from gym newbie to gym regular in no time. Given the knowledge that daily exercise is important for your mental health, we want to help you on your path to returning to the gym, shaped by confidence that goes beyond just the physical.

If staying active in the gym is one of your new year’s resolutions and you’re ready to say goodbye to gym anxiety, read on for tips on how you can stay confident in the gym and everyday life. 

1. Grab a gym buddy. 

Hitting the gym with a friend doesn’t just make things easier, it can also help hold you accountable when it comes to your health and fitness goals. On top of that, having a workout buddy helps you become more comfortable and takes the awkwardness away from working out alone—something many people struggle with.  

2. Try a fitness class. 

Group fitness classes are great for beginners who want to ease into a workout routine. Gyms offer an array of different classes from Zumba to yoga to strength training and cycling. Aside from helping alleviate the stress of not knowing what to do at the gym, group classes are a great way to meet new people with the same experience level and test out workouts so you can find what’s best for you and your goals. 

3. Speak with a trainer. 

Even if you’re not looking to train with them, fitness professionals can help teach you how to use the gym equipment properly and how to perform movements with the correct form. If you’re new to your gym, ask the front desk for a tour and they can help you get acquainted with the space and the different equipment. 

4. Put on your favorite outfit. 

Being confident comes from within, but looking the part sure does help, too! An outfit that you feel comfortable and confident in can help motivate you to work out because who doesn’t like looking cute? Throw on your favorite pair of workout leggings, some cute shoes and let your confidence shine through your workouts. 

5. Stop the comparison. 

When we go to the gym, it can be easy to compare ourselves to others. But don’t forget we all start somewhere. Research shows that the more you envy people the worse you’ll feel about yourself. While you can surely admire someone, stay focused on yourself and your goals.

For more tips on how you can build confidence inside and outside of the gym, check out the visual below.