Viral Sensation PrideHouseLA Created To Be A Safe & LGBTQIA+ Inclusive Space On TikTok

Pride House LA | Image by Carianne Older @peggyshootsfilm

If you aren’t following PrideHouseLA on TikTok, what are you even doing on the platform?! The PrideHouse LA team is our new go-to account for some daily joy, killer dance moves, as well as education and empowerment around all things LGBTQIA.

The House was founded by multi-talented entertainers Mollee Gray, Jeka Jane, and Kent Boyd with a goal of being a safe and inclusive LGBTQ+ space on TikTok. Mollee and Kent made names for themselves as fan-favorites on FOX’s ‘So You Think You Can Dance’ and Disney’s smash hit ‘Teen Beach’ franchise. The House went viral after Jojo Siwa came out in a TikTok video posted on their profile, which garnered coverage from People Magazine, The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, Cinema Blend, Daily Mail, and Yahoo News, and more.

PrideHouseLA was also recently featured in-print on Out Magazine’s prestigious Out100 List.  Recent collaborators include Darren Criss, Derek Hough, tWitch, Allison Holker Boss, and Todrick Hall to name a few. They also teamed up with Studio 71 to launch a podcast, Pride House LA, which aims to spotlight issues facing the community while also providing a space for listeners to share their coming out stories or discuss anything that is on their mind. New episodes drop every Monday on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and YouTube.

The digital spaces PrideHouseLA has created for the queer community are clearly catching fire, as evident by the millions of followers across Instagram and TikTok for both the group as well as the individual members. They are helping so many other queer folks be seen and heard, through joyful, infectious and affirming content. We had the chance to chat with Mollee, Jeka and Kent about their fave collaborators, THAT viral Jojo Siwa moment, and what they want people to find when checking out PrideHouseLA on social media.


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Tell us how the idea for PrideHouseLA first came about, and what kind of content you set out to make:

PrideHouseLA first came about when Disney’s Teen Beach Movie was trending on TikTok! It brought us all together to create that type of content, which then led to us regularly meeting up. It was all very organic! From the start, we could tell we had something special because we all shared an identity of queerness. After becoming an official group, we knew we wanted something more than just a superficial content house. We wanted to share our message to inspire the LGBTQIA+ youth and give them a space where they could feel seen and heard. We hope to be those role models and create a space where they can just be who they are and love who they want to love—all judgment-free. 

Mollee and Kent, you both made a name for yourselves on ‘SYTYCD’ and the ‘Teen Beach’ franchise. How do you incorporate dance and music into your videos?

TikTok and Instagram have been such a great thing for the dance community by giving us an opportunity to showcase our talents, all from the palm of our hand. We are always choreographing a dance number or blocking an acting scene. Making content is so much more than some people perceive it to be! Social media is made for entertainers like us to showcase and share our talents.

You made a TikTok with Jojo Siwa where she officially came out to her audience, and the video went viral. How did you feel seeing such a huge and positive reaction to the announcement?

We were shocked at first, as we were unaware how she identified! Then, of course, worried seeing all the speculative comments, but once we checked in with her and she was okay with it, we were SO PROUD! It was awesome to see such a positive reaction from the most of the viewers and from Jojo herself! She is an icon for so many kids around the world, that it felt revolutionary—almost groundbreaking—like we were a part of history.

It was a confirmation that we were doing the right thing at the right time. We remember Jojo saying “You guys made it so easy for me to come out.” That is exactly what we want for every single person! We want coming out to feel easy, natural, and fearless so that no one ever has to hide. Consider us the big brothers and sisters that will surround and protect you and be your voice if you need it.

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Who has been your favorite collaborator since starting Pride House LA?

Todrick Hall is easily a favorite. He is such a creative person with his music and producing other music videos as well. Collaborating with him is so fun and seamless. The synergy we created was so amazing that Jeka is now going on his world tour with him! We can’t wait to support them both on that endeavor.

Can you tell us more about the topics you cover in your Podcast, and how it has become a space to have more open conversations about issues facing the LGBTQIA community?

#PrideHouseLA‘s podcast is a space where you get to learn more about content creators Mollee Gray, Jeka Jane, and Kent Boyd. You get to see our dynamic, fun personalities where we talk about our personal lives and relevant current events. We’re all entertainers in Los Angeles juggling multiple jobs and working with different people. Whether that’s running a dance program in LA or workshopping new dance scenes for feature films, we have a unique inside perspective on the entertainment industry, with so many stories to share!

We also have the opportunity to highlight our friends that are in the queer community and entertainment industry. Listeners get to hear about their stories, along with other coming out stories, and different things that our community faces. Our podcast also serves to educate those who are unfamiliar with the queer community and do not understand the changes that are happening in our society when it comes to understanding sexuality, gender, and pronouns. The hope is to help everyone listening gain clarity and understanding, and to ultimately feel included.


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With millions of followers across all your collective social channels, can you share more about how you are growing the PrideHouse brand, and what audiences love the most?

One way PrideHouseLA is growing is through our clothing line. We love using clothes as a form of expression and we want everyone to look and feel cool while not feeling the pressure of having to fall into a certain gender construct. We’re trying to break gender norms and give more opportunities for those that feel unrepresented to have a voice. When you see us, we want you to immediately feel that you’re in a safe space, just based off our clothing. Our clothes are great for allies as well! Allies are very important in the LGBTQIA+ community. For an ally to show their support with our clothes speaks volumes about them and their support to the community.

Why is it more important than ever to see queer content created by queer entertainers, making noise in the mainstream media, as y’all have been featured? Why does representation matter?

Representation matters in any community for purposes of identity and inclusion. It is so important to us to instill pride in our queer community so that others can look at us and say, “If they can do it, I can too,” leading to a chain reaction of inspiration.

For those who are looking for supportive and positive LGBTQIA resources on their journey, what do you hope they will find in PrideHouseLA?

We hope they find friends, a judgment-free space to express themselves, and that they feel seen, loved, and protected. We are normalizing being a member of the LGBTQIA+ community. I think that something you’ll see on our social media platforms and podcast is how approachable, genuine, and in love we are with helping and giving back to our community.

You can follow all things PrideHouseLA on TikTok, Instagram and Youtube.